LIVESIGNAL 1 outside broadcast van is always and fully ready to dispatch variety of productions of both cultural and sportive character (e.g. concerts, festivals, sports matches ...) and plenty more, such as TV programmes, talk shows, fashion parades, etc. Everything both live and for the record.


The van is able to process signal from up to 8 broadcast-type cameras SONY (including Tally signalization, an intercom and other features). 2⁄3 CCD chip with CANON lenses create the sharpest picture. The CCU operator sees the all-camera preview and takes care about precise color and brightness settings for each connected camera separately.


The Ross Video Carbonite Black video switcher is able to process 24 video inputs and up to 8 different video outputs. It is possible to create almost infinite amount of software s​ witching panels for coproduction or the dropped switching​ (e.g. the video signal for LED screens, a local TV’s and other video outputs).


In mature OB vans, the replay system is an essential standard. Livesignal 1 is fit with a replay server which allows us to record up to 4 video signals and send them back to the stream in the 60%-100% of their original speed. The servers also serves as a backup solution in case of failure of the RossVideo main video switcher.


The CasparCG graphics station is able to play SWF or HTMLS animations and videos in any format existing. By using the scripting languages AS3 or HTMLS it becomes possible to create a dynamic graphics containing the “live” data (e.g. the instant info in a sports match). It is possible to programme controlling interface to measure the needs of the particular stream. The production assistant then just fills up the data from the venue.


Only the quality sound equipment guarantees the quality sound. Livesignal 1 is fit with the Allen & Heath QU24 sound engineering console. The sounds and noises are recorded by a combination of electered and dynamical microphones by the Australlian brand of Rode. The professional commentator station Glensound is a high-performing technological feature and it is also easy to use. This guarantees that our stream is heard loud and clear.


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